A Northwoods Babymoon Destination in Bayfield, Wisconsin

A soon-to-be-father kisses his partner's belly on Lake Superior's shores during their babymoon in Bayfield, WI.Although anticipating a new bundle of joy is a triumphant feeling, it can take a toll on the mother’s mental state, causing a ripple effect of undue stress. While it’s entirely natural to feel anxious or overwhelmed, you can find ways to mitigate the chaos during this pivotal chapter of your life. One way to create a bit of “calm before the storm” is to embark on a relaxing getaway in a tranquil setting. Your doctor has probably already told you that sleep will be essential for you before your baby meets the world. Still, they may not have told you about the benefits of having a relaxing babymoon to help melt away any worry you may have leading up to your child’s official birthday. A relatively new concept, babymoons are a somewhat regular event in the United States and Europe. And it’s hard to envision a more beautiful and relaxed place than Old Rittenhouse Inn

What is a Babymoon?

There are varying opinions on what a babymoon is. However, the consensus is that it is a pre-birth retreat. Coined in the 1990s by British author Sheila Kitzinger, the concept has significantly risen in popularity and is relatively common in Western nations. The main idea is that even if you’ve already had a child, your life can still change dramatically when a new baby is ushered into the world. And although fathers can view it as “one last hurrah,” a genuine babymoon should revolve around the mother’s needs, feelings, desires, and appetite. The moment your baby is born, you’ll find it more challenging to get away. The mother-to-be must receive plenty of much-needed attention in a calming atmosphere. 

Why Old Rittenhouse Inn?

Although we’re primarily renowned as an elegant Northern Wisconsin bed and breakfast, we certainly know a thing or two about providing an intimate setting rife with tranquil serenity. Overlooking Lake Superior, Old Rittenhouse Inn offers cozy lakefront accommodations that will leave a lasting impression. Our Victorian mansion is also home to the Landmark Restaurant, giving you easy access to an exquisite culinary experience. The best part is we don’t have a dress code, so you don’t need to worry about spending too much time getting ready. Further adding to the allure of a babymoon vacation at Rittenhouse, we have a bevy of enhancements that will surely make Mom feel like a queen. 

A Romantic Hotel in Wisconsin: An Idyllic Babymoon Vacation

Our Wisconsin bed and breakfast on Lake Superior will provide more than a relaxing babymoon venue. The memories you make during your stay will be cherished for years to come, serving as a stark reminder of life before the baby. Please find out more about what we have to offer by continuing to browse our website or calling 715-779-5111 today.