Apostle Island Ice Caves/Frozen Sea Caves Accessible Near Bayfield, Wisconsin

Apostle Islands and Bayfield Activities - Ice CavesJanuary 12, 2014
We are excited to announce that the Frozen Sea Caves north of Bayfield are now accessible, for the first time since 2009. It’s been 4 years since the ice around the caves was sufficiently thick to allow hikers access from the lake side. This year, an extended period of low temperatures and light wind allowed the ice to form earlier than usual, and visitors are flocking by the hundreds to Meyers Beach Road to experience the “Ice Caves” for themselves. The Apostle Island ice caves are something everyone must see.

What Are the Apostle Island Frozen Sea Caves?
The Sea Caves are a natural phenomenon created by thousands of years of wave action, freezing and thawing cycles against the sandstone cliffs surrounding the Apostle Islands region of Lake Superior. As the cliffs erode, the sea caves form underneath. In the summer, this is a world class kayaking area with amazing opportunities to paddle right inside the caves on a calm day. In the winter (when conditions allow) hikers can get up close and personal by hiking to the frozen caves. The opportunities for photographers and nature lovers are amazing!

Exploring the Ice Caves in the Apostle Islands

How to reach the Ice Caves:
Perhaps you’re wondering: how do I get to the ice caves? The trailhead is located 18 miles north from Bayfield on Hwy 13 at Meyers Beach. It will be on your right hand side. Parking is $3/day. Head down to the beach and walk to the right (it’s about a 2 mile round-trip) to see the caves from the ice. Hiking to the Ice Caves can be physically challenging, and weather and temperature are a factor. Be sure to dress warm! For ice conditions, call (715) 779-3397 – ext. 3.

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Here are some of our favorite Ice Caves LINKS:

National Park Service: “Before heading to the caves, please call the Ice Line at (715) 779-3397 – extension 3, for the most current ice condition information.

Sea Caves Watch: “website features real-time images of conditions at the Mainland Sea Caves”

Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Apostle Islands National Lakeshore superintendent Bob Krumanaker says the experience of walking on a frozen Great Lake is remarkable, both physically and psychologically.”

Bayfield Chamber Of Commerce: “We update a weekly report on current conditions for all our winter activities. Please check the Winter Recreation Report for the most current conditions.”

Stonehouse Photography: “Near Bayfield we have one of the most amazing places on earth – the ice caves on Lake Superior in the Apostle Islands National Lake Shore.  I have been there now two days in a row, and my body hurts from the trek, but it is a good hurt :).”

 St. Paul Pioneer Press: “Krumanaker says there are beautiful rock formations covered by icy stalactites and stalagmites. He says if you crawl under them, the ice is like a glass floor through which you can see the bottom of the lake.”

 Daily Press: “On weekends, more than 1,000 people a day may visit the caves — more than the peak of the summer season.”

Duluth News Tribune: “Many years, the lake that creates the ice formations also keeps them off-limits.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/apostle-islands-sea-caves-accessible-by-frozen-lake-superior-ice-b99189448z1-241448941.html”

MidwestWeekends.com: “…when park rangers say it’s okay to go — well, then you’d better go.”

Ice Caves Image by Stonehouse Photography