Biking in the Bayfield Area – The Best Wisconsin Bike Trails

The area surrounding Bayfield, Wisconsin caters to bikers of all skill and enthusiasm levels.  Regardless of whether you are the occasional recreational rider or an avid biker, the Bayfield area offers numerous trails, rentals, plenty of entertainment and beautiful scenery.

Imagine a day full of biking followed by a soak in the whirlpool in your Old Rittenhouse Inn room and a gourmet dinner overlooking the lake… ahhhhh….

Wisconsin biking trails


Described as a place of “striking beauty and peaceful solitude,” the area surrounding Bayfield offers a plethora of trails and paved road cycling opportunities.  Mountain bikers will want to check out CAMBA (Chequamegon Area Mountain Biking Association) which outlines the area’s off road bike trail system with 300+ miles of trails.

Depending on where you are on the mainland, biking the area’s many paved roads can also be an option, though riders are of course encouraged to follow all safety guidelines and be fully aware of traffic.  The North Coast Cycling Association (NCCA)  provides trail maps, events, safety information, and much more at their website.

North Coast Cycling Association - Bayfield Bike Route


Madeline Island, which is about the same size as the island of Manhattan (as a point of reference) is a popular biking spot for locals and visitors alike.  Known for its relatively flat terrain, the island offers 27 miles of paved roads and several destinations for picnics, hiking, swimming, cliff jumping, kayaking, or beach relaxing in combination with a short or long-distance bike ride.

The Madeline Island Ferry Line has a map and information on biking routes on their website, along with information on getting to Madeline Island from Bayfield.  The Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce also offers plentiful information about the sights and sounds of Madeline Island, what to do, where to eat and how to get there.

Madeline Island biking trails


Visitors looking to rent bikes or mopeds while in Bayfield or on Madeline Island have a couple of options.  In LaPointe (the only town on Madeline Island), check out Motion to Go, only a block and a half from the ferry landing, making for an easy walk-on-to-the-ferry excursion.  You may also consider making arrangements to canoe or kayak at Big Bay Town Park as part of your Madeline Island adventure.

Bayfield Bike Route also offers rentals for those looking to rent in Bayfield.  Bayfield Bike Route is also your one-stop shop for bike repair.  Using the trail maps mentioned above, or just seeing where the road takes you, explore Bayfield’s many vistas of Lake Superior, stop to enjoy the orchards, or just let the summer breeze blow through your hair as you take in the great outdoors on two wheels!

You can even find great biking opportunities here in the wintertime! Try riding the ice road to Madeline Island, or the great fat tire opportunities and Mt. Ashwabay

Bayfield, Wisconsin biking trails

At the end of your day, rest on the porch at our luxury Bayfield B&B with a beverage in hand and watch as the sun sets over Lake Superior.  We look forward to your visit and helping you plan the perfect biking vacation – whether it is your main activity or a part of your overall itinerary.