The Cities of Chequamegon Bay

Part of what makes the Chequamegon Bay so special is the people that surround it. The cities around the bay are quaint, unique communities that complement the scenic beauty offered by the world’s largest lake. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a classic Wisconsin vacation is taking a day-trip, and what better area to do so than around the Chequamegon Bay? Let us help you get acquainted with the area by sharing a short guide to these hidden gems. 

Bayfield, Wisconsin

It would only make sense to take a visit to the hometown of the Old Rittenhouse Inn. Surrounded by fruit orchards and berry farms, Bayfield is considered the “Berry Capital of Wisconsin.” This small town also supports a thriving arts community, commercial fishing operations, and various shops and eateries that occupy the historic downtown. If you prefer nautical adventures, you could take a ferry over to La Pointe, which rests on Madeline Island, the largest of the Apostles. 

Washburn, Wisconsin

Just down the road is the beach town of Washburn, Wisconsin. It is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, Washburn, within proximity to creeks, streams, and rivers that house several trout and salmon making their way in and out of Lake Superior. With so many precious resources, it’s no wonder that Washburn is the nation’s first eco-municipality. If a history lesson sounds more appealing than fishing, check out the Washburn Cultural Center for art galleries, antiques, and the Washburn Area Historical Society Museum

Ashland, Wisconsin

Once one of Wisconsin’s largest cities, Ashland, is now a small port of just over 8,000 people, making it the biggest town on the Chequamegon Bay. Known as the “Historic Mural Capital of Wisconsin,” Ashland boasts 20 murals depicting various historical events and people that have impacted the city. Northland College, a university that focuses on environmental studies, resides in the town, so it’s no wonder Ashland is one of the first eco-municipalities in the nation. With a wide variety of locally-owned and operated restaurants and a brewery, Ashland offers everyone a taste of Wisconsin.

Old Rittenhouse Inn: Your Home on The Chequamegon Bay

The Chequamegon Bay offers scenic wonder, unlike anywhere else in the state. Historic lighthouses, a flourishing arts scene, gorgeous vistas, and genuine people inhabit this Wisconsin vacation hotspot. We invite you to visit our elegant restaurant for posh American and French cuisine that will tantalize your senses after a day exploring the communities surrounding Chequamegon Bay. If you’d like to stay the night, we offer beautiful Victorian guest rooms and luxury suites that are sure to have you feeling like royalty. For more information, please visit us online or call 715-779-5111. We look forward to hearing from you!