What is a Micro Wedding?

A loving couple celebrates an intimate micro wedding on Lake Superior.Over the last few months, the need and desire to plan smaller weddings have never been so prominent. Elopements, ‘minimonies,’ and micro weddings have gained a great deal of attention as more future spouses decide to reduce their celebrations’ size. The good news is that like many other Wisconsin wedding venues, Old Rittenhouse Inn in Bayfield, WI, has adapted to these recent events and offers a custom wedding package designed to create the perfect day for you, your partner, and your guests. With so many couples postponing their weddings this year, the versatile professionals in the wedding industry have more availability than ever before, so you don’t have to sacrifice the celebration of such a momentous occasion. Today we’d like to share the meaning of a micro wedding with you and some of the options to consider moving forward.

A Lake Superior Wedding in Bayfield, WI

Just because you’ll be overlooking the biggest lake in the world doesn’t mean you’ll have to have a huge wedding. Now, you may be wondering, “What is a micro wedding, anyway?” Well, there is a good chance you aren’t alone. Couples worldwide have to drastically alter their pending nuptials, especially those who planned on having large ceremonies. A micro wedding is a scaled-down version of a bigger celebration, usually including no more than 30 invitees, that tend to be more manageable due to their smaller size. While not all micro weddings are elopements, most elopements can be considered a micro wedding. A micro wedding adheres to traditional guidelines of a wedding ceremony, while elopements have barely any restrictions. Another option is a ‘minmony,’ which is a commitment celebration that occurs before the wedding day. Either way, Old Rittenhouse Inn is here to help.

The Best Northern Wisconsin Wedding Venue

The best part about having your micro wedding at Old Rittenhouse Inn is that you’ll already be at one of the best honeymoon spots in Wisconsin. Getting married isn’t supposed to be stressful, so why not take it easy and retreat to your romantic suite moments away from your celebration. With accommodations overlooking Lake Superior, an exquisite dining experience, and a bevy of nearby attractions, choosing Old Rittenhouse may be the easiest decision you make while planning your special day. For more information or to book your stay, please visit us online or call 715-779-5111.