Bayfield, WI Fall Color Photo Blog

This fall I had fun sneaking away from work during the afternoon to “hunt trees.” Fall color came late to Bayfield this year, which was nice because we actually had (some) time to enjoy it! This first one is one of my very favorite trees in Bayfield, up on 5th street by the old courthouse building.
FallColor2015_MPhillips_46 Here is the courthouse. My parents, Jerry and Mary Phillips, helped save this building from the wrecking ball in 1976.FallColor2015_MPhillips_44A few more from the courthouse property (now the home of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Headquarters).
FallColor2015_MPhillips_42 FallColor2015_MPhillips_41 FallColor2015_MPhillips_40 FallColor2015_MPhillips_38 This one is right next to our Rittenhouse Cottage. It always seems to get about half-colored, with the north side staying pretty green.FallColor2015_MPhillips_36 FallColor2015_MPhillips_35 Up at the cemetary there are some really brilliant red trees….FallColor2015_MPhillips_33 FallColor2015_MPhillips_32 A little slice of road I like to drive most days.FallColor2015_MPhillips_30 FallColor2015_MPhillips_28 Couldn’t believe how brilliant these were even on a cloudy day. I’m not sure what these things are called…?FallColor2015_MPhillips_27 A real beauty down by the Madeline Island Ferry Line on Washington Avenue.FallColor2015_MPhillips_24 This is an awesome tree in the little park between 3rd and Broad on Rittenhouse Ave. I’m not sure if it looks more like Wisconsin or Venom from the Spiderman comics.FallColor2015_MPhillips_21 FallColor2015_MPhillips_20 LOVE love love these trees and took many sequences to try to capture them on a pretty day. The traffic was not cooperating but I finally got some shots.FallColor2015_MPhillips_19 FallColor2015_MPhillips_18 FallColor2015_MPhillips_17 FallColor2015_MPhillips_16 FallColor2015_MPhillips_15 FallColor2015_MPhillips_14 FallColor2015_MPhillips_13 A pretty little park on Manypenny Avenue.FallColor2015_MPhillips_12 Across the street from Old Rittenhouse Inn.FallColor2015_MPhillips_11Nice little cluster of autumnal fire
FallColor2015_MPhillips_08 FallColor2015_MPhillips_07 Him just a wittle guy! But he’s gonna be a beaut when he grows up.FallColor2015_MPhillips_06 Nice little slice of color on 8th Street.FallColor2015_MPhillips_05 This guys is just blazing big timeFallColor2015_MPhillips_04 I liked this one because it looks like an explosion!FallColor2015_MPhillips_02 Last one. I liked the composition on this one, with the road leading off to the foggy lake.FallColor2015_MPhillips_03Thanks so much for checking out our Bayfield, WI Fall Color picks! Hope you enjoyed them, and do come visit us sometime during the fall color. You won’t regret it!