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Bayfield Vocabulary: 8 Words And Phrases Every Visitor Should Know

Ice Caves in BayfieldIf you’ve been to Bayfield before, you may already be familiar with these phrases, or perhaps you heard them, but never knew exactly what was meant. We are here to help you out with your Bayfield vocabulary and make you feel like a local – just in time for your next trek north. When visiting Bayfield and the surrounding area, here are a few phrases and vocabulary words with which you may want to be familiar: 1. Chequamegon (prounounced “shi-wa-me-gone”) is a Ojibwe word meaning “place of shallow water” referring to the Chequamegon Bay on which Bayfield sits. The Red Cliff Reservation, home to theRead More »

Visiting Madeline Island – These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

If your trip to the Bayfield Peninsula and Chequamegon Bay is planned for June – October, you’ll want to be sure to venture to beautiful Madeline Island. One of the 22 Apostle Islands, Madeline is the largest (about the same size as the island of Manhattan) and the only one not part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Transportation to and from the island is via the Madeline Island Ferry Line in the spring, summer, and fall and by ice road in the winter – on the years when the temperatures freeze at least the water in the bay. A few of our favorite thingsRead More »

Wisconsin Babymoon Bliss: Six Highlights Of A Babymoon Retreat

Bayfield Wisconsin KayakingAs you prepare for your next adventure in parenting, why not plan a babymoon retreat to the Old Rittenhouse Inn and the Bayfield Peninsula?  For expectant parents, the Chequamegon Bay area can provide all the elements needed to relax and enjoy one-on-one time before baby arrives.  Here are six highlights awaiting you: HIGHLIGHT #1: Not having to cook while enjoying spectacular food. The Old Rittenhouse Inn’s Landmark Restaurant is known for its spectacular food, enjoyed from dining rooms overlooking Lake Superior and Madeline Island.  A scrumptious breakfast is part of all lodging, served in the dining room in two courses.  Dinner can be enjoyed asRead More »

Orchards, Wineries, And Views: 7 Reasons To Visit Bayfield in the Summer

With orchards, wineries, great views and more, Bayfield in the summer is the perfect time for a getaway to the area. Here are 7 reasons you should visit Bayfield in the Summer: 1.Fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries that fall off the bush and into your hand… Need we say more?  Bayfield’s variety of fruit and berry orchards offer plentiful choices for you-pick or ready-picked fruit, stunning views of Lake Superior and the surrounding landscape, opportunities for shopping, picnicking, and special events. 2. For the wine lover or those just looking for a peaceful way to spend a lovely afternoon, Bayfield offers three wineries for tastingRead More »

Three Day Itinerary for Family Vacations in Wisconsin

apostle islands lodging for familiesDay 1 Arrive in Bayfield mid-day Enjoy lunch at the Fat Radish Scope out the Bayfield shops: Joanne’s, Howl, Silverwaves Jewelry, Stone’s Throw, Kelly & Crew, Apostle Islands Booksellers, and many others Explore the options and purchase your tickets at the Apostle Islands Cruise Service for the following morning Check into our luxury Bayfield B&B and enjoy porch time, unpack, get settled in... Take in the views and a beverage from the nearcy Bayfield Inn rooftop deck Stroll the Bayfield City Dock and waterfront with Candy Shoppe ice cream cones in hand. Day 2 Enjoy a two-course gourmet breakfast, included with your reservation Pick up your picnicRead More »